Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Brand: Optonica, Cable: 1.1×24 AWG, Color Of The Shell: Silver, Color Designation: RGB, Description: This discreet modern Petal style LED fitting adds decoration to any garden foliage, patio, staircase or decking areas. Looks well in interior applications adding style and sophistication to any modern restaurants or bars. Suitable for walls, floors and ceiling., EAN Code: 3800156605916, Energy Efficiency Label: F, Input voltage: RGB 24VCD, IP: IP68, Items per box: 1, Items per pack: 100, Product Code: UN1-A5, Power: 1W, Size of product: 35×28 mm, Build in: 26 mm, Temperature: -20°C/ +40°C, Weight of Product: 70 gr., Warranty: 2 Years

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LED Pond Wall Light RGB 1W RGB