Body Color: White, Brand: Optonica, Product Code: OT1-A4, Color Of The Shell: White, EAN Code: 3800156650909, Energy Efficiency Label: G, Flux: 150 lm, FLUX per watt: 50lm/W, Operating Voltage: 24V adapter operated, Input voltage: AC220-240V, Instant On: 0.1s, IP: 65, Items per box: 10, Items per pack: 1, Life span: 25 000 Hours, Lumen maintenance at end of service life: 70%, Mercury Free: Yes, On/Off Cycles: 25 000x, Operating Frequency: 50-60Hz, Power: 3W, Power Factor: 0.9, Size of package: 280x190x100 mm, Size of product: 8m, Temperature: -30°C / +50°C, Weight of Product: 756 gr., Warranty: 2 Years

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